Price (COP $)


390.000 + IVA

Profesionals  (until august 1,2017)

425.000 + IVA

Profesionals  ( after august 2,2017)

470.000 + IVA

Bancoomeva bank, corrient account number 160201815406 property of the Colombian Association of Chemical Engineering Chapter Caldas.

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1-Fill in the following form.
2-Make the payment either by consignment to the Current Account No. 160201815406 of Bancoomeva, on behalf of the Colombian Association of Chemical Engineering Chapter Caldaso online using your credit or debit card. Students have the promotion paid 5 enter 6.
3-If you can not pay yet, just give clickpre-inscription, this way your data will be saved to continue with the validation of the payment later.

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   Rate conditions and restrictions
-The student fee is ONLY for undergraduate students, they include all the academic program of the event, an inaugural cocktail on the first day, snacks during the 3 days (the business trip is not included in this rate). The student rate has a discount as long as they receive the 6x5 promotion (pay 5 enter 6) graduate students must pay the professional fee.
-The Professional rate includes ALL the academic program of the event, inaugural cocktail and refreshments during the 3 days of the event (business round is included in this rate).
-The Business Round rate is only for the day (Thursday), with it you have the right to all the conferences of that day, to make appointments in the business round, and snacks during that day.
- Buyers will have up to 5 days to retract their purchase online and their money will be returned to them. As long as the purchase is not made within the month of October.