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Octubre 18-20 del 2017 | Manizales, Caldas


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John Woodley

Professor Technical University of Denmark

He is a bioprocess engineer who has had an interest in the biological synthesis of useful chemicals, using biocatalysis and fermentation for the last 30 years.

His research is at the interface of bioprocess engineering, process chemistry and reaction engineering. Includes theoretical and experimental work at different scales:

  • Multi-stage biocatalysis, including systems biocatalysis and flow chemistry
  • Transformation downstream of biocatalytic reactors and fermentations, including ISPR.
  • Modeling tools for the evaluation of bioprocesses, including thermodynamics, kinetics, process simulation, economic evaluation.
  • Bio-oxidations, including oxygen delivery methods

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Xavier Elias Castells

International consultant of environment and energy.


Barcelona, Spain

His professional activity is developed in several areas: Waste recycling, energy recovery of waste and energy saving in industrial processes. Former Director of the BROKEN OF SUBPRODUCTS of Catalonia and Adviser of several South American Governments on environmental issues. In the professional life he has directed Engineering where they have projected and constructed numerous dryers and kilns, as much of process as of incineration and vitrification of residues.

In the teaching area he is a professor of doctoral and postgraduate courses on recycling, energy and waste treatment topics: the Sarriá Chemical Institute (Technology of the Environment), the Catalan Institute of Technology and a visiting professor at numerous Spanish and South American universities. He has published: "Energy, water, environment, territoriality and sustainability" (2011, Editorial Díaz de Santos), "Recycling of industrial waste. (2005, Ed. Díaz de Santos), "Treatment and Valorization of Waste Energy" (2005, Ed. Díaz de Santos) and is the Director of the distance masters: "Solid urban waste and sewage sludge" Environmental Engineering "and" Science and Technology Ceramics ", both of the Ibero-American University Foundation (Funiber).

He is the International Prize Augusto González de Linares de Medio Ambiente. He is Member of the Board of Directors of the Waste Agency of the Department of the Environment of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Member of the Environmental Quality Advisory Council of the Environment Department of the Catalan Autonomous Government, Member of the environmental commissions of numerous professional associations, Associations, Corporations, etc.


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Jose Teixeira, Minho's university, Portugal

Researcher and professor of the University of Minho in Portugal within the center of biological engineering, extensive experience in biorefineries, bioprocesses and biotechnology, currently works on projects such as Multi‐purpose strategies for broadband agro‐forest and fisheries by productsvalorisation: a step forward for a trulyintegrated biorefinery (TeamMember), Promoting Agri-food and Forestry Stakeholder Engagementfor Knowledge Transfer and SMART Agri Forpartnerships (PI) y Technological Alliance to complete theforest and agroindustrial productioncycle (PI) and others

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Paloma Andrade
Process Engineer Senior
CP KELCO,Denmark


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Juan Carlos Álvarez
Processes engineeer
EsenttiaByPropilco,  Cartagena Colombia